Swine and sows

Today the European Commission presented its ‘green paper’ on plans of the EUnion to stem the escalating debt crisis. Jeremy Warner of the Telegraph is not impressed. Those plans can be summarized in two items:

1) Eurobonds... excuse me: Stability bonds
2) More EUnion control over nation states.

Item (2) goes all the way, up to and including EUnion veto power(!) over national budgets. Yes, the EUnion will be able to veto a budget drawn up by a hapless minister of Finance even before the equally hapless national parliament has had a chance to vote on it.

Here we have yet another instance where the EUnion takes democracy and throttles it. Parliament is an expression of the will of the people (whether actual MP’s honour that mandate is another discussion entirely). In a democracy it is parliament, as the expression of the vox populi, that principally and correctly has the last word. It is the defining character of a democracy.

If then we live in a system where parliament can be overruled, is overruled and will, according to plans, be further overruled by some other entity (in this case the EUnion) it follows we are not a democracy, the EUnion actively opposes and works to destroy democracy. For that alone the EUnion MUST DIE!

Right… Sorry…

The plans presented today by the EUnion do nothing to address the debt crisis in any urgent sense. For the implementation of eurobonds a change to the Lisbon treaties Turnip is needed. This will require negotiations among all 27 member states. In other words, it will take forever. The same is true for the suggested measures to enforce austerity and fiscal and budgetary discipline (which, by a regime, whose parliament just increased its own budget in the midst of this crisis, my be viewed with the sardonic mirth it deserves).

No, what these useless swine are trying to do, once again, is to take a bad situation and abuse it for their own ends: Increased centralization of power into the hands of the EUnion. What it does not do, is address the current crisis. The Commissions plans do not even rate as ‘lame duck’. That thing you see floating is a dead duck. An ex-duck. A duck that has ceased to be.

The EUnion opting for its own egotistical, sociopathic agenda allows the crisis to rage on unresolved, bringing more and more EU member states to the brink, showing more and more EU member states the abyss the EUnion really is.

The EUnion has taken on a pathological dynamic of its own. Peace and prosperity are no longer the aim, even if these lofty ideals are paid lip-service at regular intervals. The EUnions main aim is itself. It has become a collection of useless swine and sows whose only raison d’etre is to serve the EUnion beast, feed it and grow it. Other considerations only factor in to the extent of their ability to promote or threaten the growth of the beast. That also explains the shocking ease with which democratic principles of just government are swept aside. Democracy, more particularly a growing part of the demos, has become a threat to the growth of the beast. Hence it must be side-lined, taken out of the equation. It doesn’t matter how, just as long as the beast can keep on feeding and growing.

You are justified in being angry about this, but there is a saving grace. By misdirecting their efforts in this way, the eurocracy are making virtually sure that the crisis will hit full force. Give it a day (if that) and the markets will realize the complete and utter eurocrat integrationist toss these plans really are. Interests will go up again all over the eurozone, leading to renewed stresses and panic among eurocrats and bankers. And more of it too. Chances are we’ll see the first bank fall before the year is over. And when that happens, you will know: The crisis is now barrelling down on us at full speed.

And when it finally does, it will not be just a few who will realize their predicament is a direct result of the unwillingness and incompetence of eurocrats all over Europe to deal effectively, in a manner that protects and serves the citizens, with this crisis. The peoples of Europe will finally understand how alone and abandoned they really are.

And when at long last that realization sets in, there will once again be blood in the streets, history teaches us. Real blood, eurocrat blood.

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DP111 zei

I'm looking forward to a really deep winter.

Then the coming year could be NEW and BRIGHT.

Klein Verzet zei

From what I read here and there the second half of January 2012 is going to be when things will really come to a head. Here's to a spring where EVERYTHING will be new and bright.