Arab 'Spring'

I guess it was inevitable, really. It isn't surprising, even if it is utterly dismaying. Give a predominantly muslim population a brief moment of real democracy, and they will use it to get rid of it as soon as possible. Look at Egypt.
Islamists claimed a decisive victory on Wednesday as early election results put them on track to win a dominant majority in Egypt’s first Parliament since the ouster of Hosni Mubarak, the most significant step yet in the religious movement’s rise since the start of the Arab Spring.

The party formed by the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s mainstream Islamist group, appeared to have taken about 40 percent of the vote, as expected. But a big surprise was the strong showing of ultraconservative Islamists, called Salafis, many of whom see most popular entertainment as sinful and reject women’s participation in voting or public life.

Analysts in the state-run news media said early returns indicated that Salafi groups could take as much as a quarter of the vote, giving the two groups of Islamists combined control of nearly 65 percent of the parliamentary seats.
Back when this all started we were a bit uneasy about the consequences. Even as our own MSM treated it as a rerun of those heady days in the early nineties, when communist regimes fell like dominoes. It wasn't and it isn't.

Just last week Tunisia chose for itself the 'sixth caliphate'. Egypt is set to join them. The enemies of the West, the enemies of civilization and freedom, have gained a couple of useful new allies.

And to those fools that started that pointless little war earlier this year: Any guesses what will happen in Lybia?

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DP111 zei


Saw this on PI

A new report by the Dutch Ministry of Internal Affairs shows that 40 percent of all Moroccan immigrants aged between 12 and 24 years were arrested within the last five years for crimes in the Netherlands, convicted or indicted.In Dutch neighborhoods where the majority of residents are of Moroccan origin, reached already 50 percent of youth crime. In addition, the juvenile delinquency among Moroccans is not confined to men, girls and young women are increasingly involved in criminal activities. is absolutely appalling.

Klein Verzet zei

Yes, it is. The saddest part is: Everyone already 'knows' this, so when it made the news (about two months ago) nobody I know thought 'Hey, this is interesting'.

That is probably also why I didn't report it. I just didn't think it was news. Anybody who has spent some time living in urban Holland has some experience with this type of cultural enrichment. Anybody who has is not surprised by this report.

DP111 zei

One hope though. You have Geert Wilders.

More hopes - The Arab Spring.

Things are moving along quite nicely on all fronts- The Arab Spring, the awareness that Islam and Muslims are a dire threat to our civilisation, Iranian nukes, full stop on getting Israel to sign a "peace" treaty with the Arabs,  and the internal debt crisis in the Western world. 

DP111 zei

Some more stuff stirring. Its coming to the boil slowly. The Euro crisis is helping it along.

Spanish People Revolt Against Their Mohammedan-Friendly Elites

Philip Zhao zei

The Arab Spring flowers are blooming in the White Mosque in Washington DC!!

Whirlwinder zei

Well, Islam is comming together as they oust the tinhorn dictators and install the Imams. If Syria and Saudi Arabia fall to the Imams then Islam can continue its world conquest with more brothers to send out to the infidel world.

Hopefully, those who still believe in Western Civilization will deal with Islam in Europe and America in a manner that will mean that our culture will survive.