A mouthful of Islam

And here I thought the Dutch Protestant Churches were in a bad way. From across the Small Pond, in the UK, His Grace reports on a Christmas service held at Royal Holloway College, in the University of London. The service was led by a Rev'd Cate Irvine, an Anglican vicar, and a Roman Catholic chaplain from the local church, Father Vladimir Nikiforov.
And what did the assembled festive throng hear? The prophecy of of Isaiah? 'For unto us a child is born...'? The Gospel of Luke? 'There went out a decree from Caesar Augustus...'? A reading from Micah, perhaps? 'But thou, Bethlehem Ephratah, though thou be little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of thee shall He come forth unto Me that is to be Ruler in Israel'?

No, none of the above. Instead, they got the Qur'an.
It is unbelievable. A Christmas service, celebrating the birth (or incarnation, if you wil) of Our Dear Father, uses the very text that completely denies the act of sacrifice that redeemed this world and all who are in it:
That they said in boast "We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary the Apostle of Allah"; but they killed him not nor crucified him but so it was made to appear to them and those who differ therein are full of doubts with no (certain) knowledge but only conjecture to follow for of a surety they killed him not. (Qur'an 4:156-158)
As His Grace comments: Maybe they’re saving that for Easter.

Go and read the whole preposterous saga. It is a sad day when Christianity in the West stoops to this depth in its quest for tolerance and inclusivity. As His Grace entirely correctly observes: When you compromise on the intellectual, political, and imaginative foundations of Western culture, you create a spiritual vacuum which needs to be filled. The people cry out for meat, and all they can get is the milk of dumbed-down Anglicanism followed by a mouthful of Islam. Is it any wonder they turn away en masse in search for the one thing the church should, but doesn't, provide?

[INSTANT UPDATE] Don't miss suggestions for carols to be sung at the service, provided by Trencherbone:
Bang Bang Verily You Die
Bombing in a Winter Wasteland
Death to the World
Do They Know It's Jihad?
Frosty the Boobytrap
Hijacked Three Ships
I'm Dreaming of a Shi'ite Christmas
I Stoned Mommy for Kissing Santa Claus
Jingle Belts
Little Bomber Boy
No-go Town of Bethlehem
Oh Come all ye Fanatical
Oh TannenBOOM
Repulsive Jews Below
Slay Ride
While Shepherds Screwed Their Flocks
Wreck the Halls

...and of course, that all time favorite: Violent Night
Thanks to DP111 for pointing that out. Made me laugh.

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Roman Catholic priests can not do this.


4. On the Joining of Various Rites with the Celebration of Mass[75.] On account of the theological significance inherent in a particular rite and the Eucharistic Celebration, the liturgical books sometimes prescribe or permit the celebration of Holy Mass to be joined with another rite, especially one of those pertaining to the Sacraments.157 The Church does not permit such a conjoining in other cases, however, especially when it is a question of trivial matters.
[76.] Furthermore, according to a most ancient tradition of the Roman Church, it is not permissible to unite the Sacrament of Penance to the Mass in such a way that they become a single liturgical celebration. This does not exclude, however, that Priests other than those celebrating or concelebrating the Mass might hear the confessions of the faithful who so desire, even in the same place where Mass is being celebrated, in order to meet the needs of those faithful.158 This should nevertheless be done in an appropriate manner.
[77.] The celebration of Holy Mass is not to be inserted in any way into the setting of a common meal, nor joined with this kind of banquet. Mass is not to be celebrated without grave necessity on a dinner table159 nor in a dining room or banquet hall, nor in a room where food is present, nor in a place where the participants during the celebration itself are seated at tables. If out of grave necessity Mass must be celebrated in the same place where eating will later take place, there is to be a clear interval of time between the conclusion of Mass and the beginning of the meal, and ordinary food is not to be set before the faithful during the celebration of Mass.
[78.] It is not permissible to link the celebration of Mass to political or secular events, nor to situations that are not fully consistent with the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. Furthermore, it is altogether to be avoided that the celebration of Mass should be carried out merely out of a desire for show, or in the manner of other ceremonies including profane ones, lest the Eucharist should be emptied of its authentic meaning.
[79.] Finally, it is strictly to be considered an abuse to introduce into the celebration of Holy Mass elements that are contrary to the prescriptions of the liturgical books and taken from the rites of other religions.

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This article is worth reading and saving for future reference

Lord Sacks: "Has Europe Lost its Soul?"


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From the link above in Lord Sacks: "Has Europe Lost its Soul?"

Let me begin with a striking passage from Niall Ferguson's recent book, Civilisation. In it he tells of how the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences was given the task of discovering how the West, having lagged behind China for centuries, eventually overtook it and established itself in a position of world pre-eminence. At first, said the scholar, we thought it was because you had more powerful guns than we had. Then we concluded it was because you had the best political system. Then we realised it was your economic system. "But in the past 20 years, we have realised that the heart of your culture is your religion: Christianity. That is why the West has been so powerful. The Christian moral foundation of social and cultural life was what made possible the emergence of capitalism and then the successful transition to democratic politics. We don't have any doubt about this.”
In the year or so,  I have come to a point in my understanding, that the Reformation was the most significant revolution in history, not just for Europe but for the whole world. The Reformation not just opened the Bible to all, but opened the gates to free thinking for individuals, first on theological matters, then leading to matters pertaining to the nature of the universe, and man's place in it. Is it a coincidence, that the scientific and industrial revolution took off in the Protestant north?

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That is a really powerful observation by that Chinese scholar.

As to the question 'Is it a coincidence, that the scientific and industrial revolution took off in the Protestant north?': Fjordman has argued rather consistently it most certainly is not. See for instance The Curious Civilization.

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I had a discussion here on the Reformation, and its aftereffects.


I have been writing about the significance of the Reformation for quite sometime, certainly more then a year. 

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Victor Havel passes away

Havel: In all events, I am certain that our civilisation is heading for catastrophe unless present-day humankind comes to its senses. And it can only come to its senses if it grapples with its short-sightedness, its stupid conviction of its omniscience and its swollen pride, which have been so deeply anchored in its thinking and actions.


Well worth reading .

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Thanks, DP.