No it was not Jihad!

Today, in the Belgium city of Liege, a 33 year old Muslim with the name Nordine Amrani (Nordine translates as: light of the religion) climbs on a rooftop near a busy square. From that rooftop he starts throwing hand grenades and fires his FN FAL to the busy crowd of a Christmas market and main courthouse. He kills 6 and wounds 122 more. After that Nordine is killed by his own gun (witness version) or maybe by his own hand grenade (prosecutor version).

Nordine Amrani is a known felon who already had three convictions on his name. He was released early for parole while serving time for drugs offenses and having an large illegal weapons arsenal that included a Kalashnikov and a rocket launcher. He was also very proficient with his guns, he could assemble and disable all his weapons.

What more profiling info you wane to have? Muslim, suicide attack, killing spree at Christmas Market, years prepping for fighting, not openly violent, but a seemingly large problem with (infidel) rules and authority.

But strangely enough the Belgium and Dutch media don’t even report the fact that Nordine Amarani was a Muslim or that his names means "light of the religion". Even though the courthouse at the square received terror treads only yesterday during an honor murder trial. Also his own honor was at stake, the Belgium police had ordered him for questioning in a rape investigation today, but he never showed.

The police could not tie the attacker to any known terrorist network or extremists. Thus that was apparently enough for Prime Minister Elio di Rupo to conclude publicly only a few hours after the attack that this was an isolated incident and not an act of terrorism. They were also not looking for accomplices and could not tie him to any known terrorist network. But still, this ignores the fact that Al’Qaeda actually ordered all Muslims to do this kind of Mumbai style attacks in the Western world. Thus only by knowing his motivations, you can exclude Jihad and terrorism. That’s something you can’t figure out in a few hours after an attack.

But apparently protecting the image of Islam is more important than keeping us safe, a sad truth.

Update Expatica reports:
Belgian officials told AFP he had been released on parole in October 2010, a spokesman for Belgium's prisons service saying he was not aware of any cross-surveillance with a Belgian national centre for threat evaluation, OCAM.

However, another official said Amrani, 33, was known to former interior minister Annemie Turtleboom.

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MFS - The Other News zei

Belgium authorities point out this is not a terrorist attack.Still after almost Two years in Prison could he have become radicalised in Prison by Islamic extremists just like it happens in the U.K. prisons?

DP111 zei

Quote: Belgian police have ruled out links to terrorists

The above is standard fair by most police in the West. It is assumed that if there are no links, then there is no Jihad whatever.

Muslims do not need to be fully paid up platinum card members of al Qaeda. The only membership is being a Muslim. That is all that is needed.

Then again, the Jihadi attacked not just with a handgun but an assault rifle and grenades. This is military action. But the dhimmi media will deliberately ignore all that, and pretend that the Muslim (a Leige man) was under pressure and cracked.

DP111 zei

This Muslim an attacked a Christmas shopping market. He did so using an assault rifle and grenades. Even if his motive was not Islamic (and that is a very big if), the act itself was terrorism. Its effect was to terrorize people, which it did.

Klein Verzet zei

First things first: Thanks Ferdy, for posting this. I hadn't come around to doing a post on this tragedy.

A thought occurred today: The reason why nobody in the MSM is calling this jihad, may have to do with the fact that this character doesn't fit the profile (convicted criminal, not overtly religious).

But that doesn't mean this wasn't an act of jihad. A muslim, even a 'sinful' one like this character, may redeem himself in the eyes of Allah by becoming a martyr: Slaughtering infidels and getting killed in the process (whether that includes suicide doesn't bother Allah that much, it seems).

Could it be this character was attempting to secure a place in Paradise for himself, by redeeming his lapsed faith in a mass killing of infidels? The more I think about it, the more likely it seems. He is described as mentally unstable,after all.

But that would make this an exquisite example of jihad. Of the most dangerous, unpredictable kind, even.

DP111 zei


Take a look at thisRoyal Holloway College holds Islamic Christmas Carol Service

Also Trencherbone's Islamic Christmas carols in the comments section or see his te.

Violent night (Knight) Holy fight..

Klein Verzet zei

Yes, I'd seen that. Didn't want to make a post out of it, because it is a UK matter. But then I got so agitated by this example of frank dhimmitude I just had to.

Thanks for pointing out Trencherbone's comments, btw. Golden!