Not just the EUnion

As we, on this side of the Big Pond, sit and watch in flabbergasted amazement at completely counter-intuitive political and financial wranglings of eurocrats home and abroad, in the US we get wind of similar exercises in sinister dealings via the Ulsterman Report. In an the latest interview with the 'Whitehouse Insider', the interviewee gramts us a peek at the power behind the president (any president) of the US of A:
There are powers at play here – always been these powers, but with this administration it’s just a matter of perspective. And it ain’t a Democrat or a Republican problem – these interests, these “investors”… are attached to either party. Don’t matter, really. The difference has always been if the president and his staff had the willpower to withstand the pressures that can be applied by these investors. Some do – some don’t. Barack Obama…his staff, the thing is…some of them were these interests I’m telling you about. At least extensions of them. And they are the most radicalized versions. And I’m not talking about some moron like Bill Ayers. Examples like that are cartoon distractions.
Asked to elaborate , the Whitehouse Insider hold off, saying that particular game is way above his pay-grade:
They are opposed to Barack Obama – don’t question that. It’s a war that kinda floats above our heads…or maybe below our feet. That might be more appropriate – right? (laughs) It’s all the stuff you never see or hear about – the things that take place just outside the perimeters of American politics. Always has. Always will. I’ve had to deal with that world – but I don’t live in it. It always intimidated me. Big time. Presidents…I’ve hinted at this to you before. As powerful as they are – as potentially influential as they can be…they can have their chain jerked by these kinds of people. Bill Clinton? He knows. Very-very well. That Global Initiative of his…that…that…(long pause) Bush? He found out. Same people who invested in his daddy – they didn’t get their second term, so he was to finally provide a return on their investment. Your boy Reagan – he dealt with these fu–ers. He navigated around them as well as anyone. That’s the key for a president you see. Navigating around them. Like a big slow moving ship. You navigate around them or you sink. These sons-a-b-tches will sink a president if they need to.
This is getting into some very unfamiliar territory. But would it be a coincidence that the EUnion and the USA are going through the same type of subversion.

The Slog doesn't think so, as serendipity strikes again:
SciFi novels of my youth tended to depict a future in which huge wealth, endless drugs and total protection would be used to persuade citizens that they did not need their rights to free expression, and votes against tyrants. But in the here and now, ours is a Faustian generation that somehow made the worst bargain of all time. Without noticing – without even being asked – we have signed a deal with the Devil to guarantee going backwards, in return for something which is never made entirely clear.
What the hell have we got ourselves into?

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