Second Dutch referendum?

As EURef reports, it seems that the Merk half of the Merkozy is going for a full blown change of the Lisbon Treaty Turnip. This includes an Intergovernmental Conference (IGC) and unanimous ratification by the 27 countries making up the EUnion.
If the Germans manage to hold the line, and insist on a full IGC, we really are looking at two-years plus before a resolution, even if Germany manages to avoid a constitutional referendum. (...)

And then there is the question of whether the markets are prepared to wait that long. Ambrose reports on massive capital flight from the eurozone, and by the time it is realised that treaty negotiations are going to offer no immediate (or any) relief - as ZeroHedge seems to have done, it is hard to see the markets remaining stable.
Pressures in the UK are mounting for the Conservative PM, David Cameron, to make good on his referendum promise. But the UK is not the only country that may see a referendum.

Second Chamber MP for the Dutch Socialist Party, Harry van Bommel, entreated the world to a tweet saying:
GroenLinks [Green Left] also wants a verdict by the population regarding the future of the euro. Together with SP, PvdA [Dutch Labour] and [Wilders'] PVV that is a majority. Let's have that referendum
Could this be true? Could this be really true?

My hearts all a-flutter, but my head tells me: 'You've been let down before, remember?'. We'll see how this goes. Hope springs eternal, as they say.

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Gawain Towler zei

BBC are reporting that Wilders and the PVV  are calling for a Referfendum

DP111 zei

KV wrote: My hearts all a-flutter, but my head tells me: 'You've been let down before, remember?'. 

Take it easy KV. There will be twists and turns, true and false propaganda, lies , statistics, misinformation, true but fake quotes. There is no point at all in getting upset with the twists and turns of political ambitions.  

Europe is still the wealthiest continent in the world. There is also a war on. And Christmas is around the corner.  That is the big picture.

DP111 zei

From EURef: The "colleagues" are well known for their propensity to milk the drama – it is their chance for a place in the sun (literally in some cases). Therefore, the "poised at the edge of a precipice" meme is quite often employed. The media believe it because they want to believe it. It suits their purposes.

Been saying so. Nothing is what it appears to be. They are having a whale of a time, skewering the plebs and the markets. The "poor" markets have no where to go anyway. They may huff and puff, but the big governments, the EU, the USA, China etal, none of them want the Euro destroyed,  hold the whip.