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So, yesterday out intrepid PM Mark Rutte put his signature under the new 'Fiscal Treaty' (not a EUnion treaty!). One that, in his words, will ensure that 'Europe' will
become more competitive and create more jobs in order to ensure its future prosperity, Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte said after Monday night's informal EU summit on the eurozone debt crisis. (...)

The treaty, largely agreed last December, gives a greater role to the European Commission in making sure national budgets meet the rules and allows the European Court of Justice to monitor compliance.

Rutte also said the EU must continue to expand its presence in foreign markets. This is particularly important for country like the Netherlands whose economy is based on exports, he said.
That's all sunshine and daisies then. Except that the UK and, surprisingly, the Czech Republic opted out.

And here's why:
At German insistence, the treaty for the first time empowers the European Court of Justice as the enforcer of fiscal rectitude in the eurozone, makes it possible to levy quasi-automatic fines against countries in persistent breach of the new rules, and obliges all eurozone countries to introduce binding legislation or constitutional amendments abolishing governments' rights to run up excessive levels of national debt.

"The debt brakes will be binding and valid forever," said Merkel.

"Never will you be able to change them through a parliamentary majority."
Our PM, the right-wing head of the most right-wing cabinet in years, has agreed to (1) allow foreigners to set the budget target, a right that is supposed to be reserved for parliament. And (2) it enshrines this right in Dutch law FOR PERPETUITY. No future Dutch government, or future parliament will have the legal means to deviate from the 'budget brake', even if it thinks it warranted.

And how, dear Mr. Rutte is that not giving away yet more sovereignty to the UNELECTED and UNACCOUNTABLE cabal that makes up the EUnion ruling class? How is that NOT sabotaging the democracy we're supposed to have in the Netherlands?

And final question: How do you feel, Mr. Rutte, what do you see, when you look into the mirror during your morning shave? No really, I'm curious. Because it certainly can't be a man you see. What a disgrace you and your cabinet turned out to be. What a bloody shame!


[UPDATE001] In the comments Witterings from Witney draws the parallel between our PM and 'cast-iron' Cameron. Even without knowing much about Dutch politics. It is an apt parallel. One I referred to in the grey, far-away past of this modest blog. Both Cameron and Rutte are politicians of the europlastic variety, playing one tune to the home audience, while whistling Beethovens Ninth to the 'colleagues'. So perhaps I shouldn't get worked up about this. It is to be expected from the likes of Rutte. But I can't help it. There were promises made, oaths taken. And they were callously broken as soon as the opportunity presented itself. And it is a sign of the despicably rotten state of our so-called democracy, that the majority of the Dutch just shrug it off as just another case of everyday politics. IT ISN'T SUPPOSED TO BE THIS WAY!

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WitteringWitney zei

KV: Apologies, have not researched Rutte's background, policies or Dutch politics, however where Cameron concerned all that he has one is for PR reasons and to keep himself in No 10. He has juggled his party and the LibDems for that reason and that alone. In other words he has followed the main principle of any politician, namely self-preservation - and to hell with the people he is supposed to represent, speak for, defend, and democracy, per se.

Just saying........