Whom the Gods wish to destroy...

... they first make mad.

From Zerohedge: $10 TRILLION Liquidity Injection Coming? Credit Suisse Hunkers Down Ahead Of The European Endgame
[B]oth S&P and now Fitch expect Greece to default on March 20 (just to have the event somewhat "priced in"). Which means that in an attempt to front-run the unprecedented liquidity scramble that will certainly result as nobody has any idea what would happen should Greece default in an orderly fashion, let alone disorderly, the only buffer is having cash. Lots of it. A shock and awe liquidity firewall that will leave everyone stunned. How much. According to Credit Suisse the new LTRO number could be up to a gargantuan, and unprecedented, €10 TRILLION!
And this is going to save the euro as a credible currency how, exactly?

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Morningstar zei

In march the swedish government plans to sneak Sweden and it's people into the whole Euro-rot. Above the heads of the people and although we voted no in2003. Of course the MSM covers it up too. So we're gonna get this bloody Euro forced down our throats. Very democratic, isn't it? Soon we will be as broke as Greece, which probably is the plan so the banksters can buy Sweden and it's slave-population for peanuts.