And the Lord chuckled

Via EURef we get the WSJ getting bored with it all, and is just taking the mick:
And Angela Merkel said, "Let there be jobs and growth." And lo, there were jobs and there was growth. And Angela Merkel said, "Let there be closer fiscal coordination on a non-Treaty, intergovernmental basis with penalties for sinners to be administered by the European Court of Justice." And lo, there was that, too. And Angela Merkel said, "Let Greece prove itself capable of meaningful structural reforms before we give them another, €130 billion bailout".

And the Lord chuckled.
This may or may not have something to do with the latest news: Greece Calls Crisis Meeting As Debt Talks Stall.

In relation to my outburst earlier, it is good to remember that for all the panic-stricken flailing of easily frightened 'men', in the end Our Father just shrugs and chuckles and, when the time comes, will set His will in motion. Maybe I *did* get worked up over nothing.

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Morningstar zei

Our PM Friedrich Schweinfeldt is helping them bailing out with 1 billion SEK. money that is ours, the tax-payers. He won't take the chances that he won't be re-elected in 2014. Therefore he must crash our economy before that so that we the people will have no choice than by enormous debt, to accept econimic slavery.