Good riddance

Some cheery news, via IanPJ:
It is with great sadness I report that Common Purpose in the Netherlands has closed down. In the current climate in the Netherlands, the open courses have struggled to cover costs. The Netherlands team have worked very hard over the years for Common Purpose and we are all very grateful for their work.
For those that don't know Common Purpose, we did a small write up about this sinister outfit four years ago.
The list of regular speakers on the site of the Dutch chapter of CP reads like a who-is-who of the Dutch multicultural elite. The 'founding father' of the Dutch chapter is Geert Mak, for crying outloud.

The course they offer seem to be about power politics only: How to identify and manipulate the 'levers of power' and how to maintain and upgrade your 'network' (that barren and strictly utilitarian surrogate for real friendships and inter-human relations).

I do not like conspiracy theories that much. They often ascribe a level of insidiousness to members of a conspiracy far beyond the capabilities of mere mortals. However, setting aside the (unproven) agenda of delivering us into the hands of communism after all, the concept of a closed, self-selecting (you don't get to join unless invited by the board of Common Purpose) and self-maintaining elite does not spell a lot of good news for a healthy, democratic, public life.
Needless to say: That CP saw itself forced to close shop in NL can only be good news for the health of political life in our swampy corner of the world. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

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WitteringsfromWitney zei

Where CP is concerned and bearing in mind Julia Middleton, dare I venture that the introduction of the word 'dyke' is introduced, especially where vIs-a-viz the Netherlands is concerned? Although, fairs fair, I do recall she was rather close to John Prescott - perhaps another 'temple' of his?

That no mention of any personal life is mentioned on Wikipedia is concerned and that she has various 'influential' other positions is rather telling - no?

Just 'mentioning'........

Klein Verzet zei

I don't know. Hans Brinker sticking his finger in a wet 'dyke' is a turn of phrase I can do without. As I can do without the images *that* conjures up. Thank you for ruining a good nights sleep ;-)

DP111 zei


This is OT delete if you wish

Assad is now fighting the MB. And not just any old MB, but the Syrian MB, that is far more vicious then any other brand of MB. So what is the West, particularly USA, Britain and France, doing? They are planning to give arms and ammo to al-Qaeda/MB in Syria via Sunni Arabs in the region.In the meantimeBarnabas Fund is today launching a crisis appeal for Christians in Syria who are hungry and helpless amid the brutal fighting between government troops and rebels. The key battleground of Homs is encircled by fighters from both sides, leaving the Christians there and in the surrounding villages – approximately 100,000 – in the firing line, many of them trapped in the city.Barnabas Fund is providing urgent help for Christians in Syria. First orphans and now whole families are being evacuated, and are in desperate need of food and basics. Prices have rocketed, supplies are running low, and it is often too dangerous to go out in search of food. Even in some parts of the country not directly affected by violence, there is inflation of 30-50%, while in Homs itself some prices have tripled. More than 200 Christians have been killed, and the community has been beset by a series of kidnappings. The rebels make high ransom demands for the return of the captives, but in two known cases the victims’ bodies were found after the money had been paid. Some families are now becoming so desperate that they tell the kidnappers to kill their loved one immediately rather than subjecting them to torture. there is torture as well. Why am I not surprised? Getting the ransom and yet murdering the kidnapped Christian , was the standard MO in Iraq.

DP111 zei

Speaking of "good riddance"

Muslims Attack Churches in France 'Suburbs becoming Muslim land', says journalist Adler said the violence in the banlieues can't be explained only as social problems, and that it's due to the Muslim doctrine that wherever Islam spreads is Muslim land. The banlieues can be compared to the Muslim areas of India, which eventually seceded and became Pakistan and Bangladesh. people were evicted from Algeria, Morocco etc, so why should Muslims be allowed to live in France?