Lords of the EUSSR

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I wrote this on your blog a year ago, "One ring to rule over them all".

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Never let a crisis go unexploited.

Bruno Waterfield argues that the the EU conspiracy is exploiting the Greece crisis to a create a EU wide policy to bind all EU "states" in a financial straitjacket, so designed that it is beyond the reach of national parliaments or referendums.


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It's a very good picture but I have a question. Who's the guy with the glasses? Sorry, I have no idea who he is.

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That's Guy Verhofstadt, a quintessential EUrocrat slime-bucket, mostly known on KV for his ghastly statement that "National identity is a criminal concept that ultimately leads to gas chambers".

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Democracy is ending in the land where it began
Greece's plight has alerted the world to the way the EU extinguishes democracy.


The end of Greece in the EU will also signal the end of the EU. But the EU fat cats will have scampered off with their huge index linked pensions.

Klein Verzet zei

Yeah. I'm following the vote right now and all that is going on around it. This is kinda tense. I expect a 'positive' outcome for the vote. But what will the Greeks in the streets do? How will they react?

BTW, EURef says the Greek police have run out of tear-gas. Austerity related?

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Germany's nasty little game to push the Greeks until they break

Which is where we come back to the Germans and the game they are playing with Greece. Dr El-Erian said that though Greece leaving the euro is what must be done, ‘No one wants to go down in history for being responsible for this, not Greek politicians, Mrs Merkel doesn’t want it, no one in the EU wants it, no one in the IMF wants it. So because no one wants to go down as responsible for this historic decision, it doesn’t get taken, Greece continues to be stuck in this active inertia, and things get worse.’

In other words, the Germans and EU powers running Greece now know the answer is to get the country out of the eurozone. But for political reasons no one, least of all Mrs Merkel, will say so.

So this dishonest game is being played of putting so much pressure on Greece, of heaping so much humiliation on the politicians and the people, that at some point they will break and say ‘Enough, we are getting out.’


The EU was formed for the specific reason of constraining Germany.  
But Germany is now a major power on the global scene, and like Gulliver, is chaffing at being bound by the EU. So Germany's policy is to make it impossible for countries such as Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland etc to remain in the EU, while denying that they had anything in pushing them out when they are forced to leave.


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Look at this


Though this is AGEW and all that, it ties in with the EU.

Lower global temperatures are not just going to increase the amount of energy required to stay warm, but reduce crop yields.

With the EU reducing agricultural output by encouraging land to be used for ethanol, I see major food riots in the Third world, leading to huge immigration to the West.

We are seeing a massive re-orientation to the order of the world, caused by a combination of political stupidity and self-interest.  

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On the eve of a major FinMinCom session in Brussels to ‘approve’ the Troika demands regarding Greek cuts and debt schedules, The Slog has unearthed sensational allegations being made in Greece, France and Germany this morning. The gist of these is that Berlin wishes to engineer a technical sovereign failure – perhaps even with Greek bondholders’ covert approval – and leave the Greek Government without a voluntary bondholder haircut to stave off default.


If the EU thinks this will stop the rot, they are wrong. This tragedy will play out for other nations such Portugal, Spain etc.

The fault lies not in our stars but the in the Euro itself, or metaphorically, in the 27 stars on the EU flag.

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Looking at the three grotesque characters ruining the EU, you just know that the collapse of that ill-conceived construct is inevitable.

It's only a question of time now, and partir c'est mourir un peu won't apply !