Prolonged hiatus

I am taking a break from blogging. Real Life (tm) is more demanding then ever, leaving me too little time and energy to come up with anything worthwhile. Besides, I seem to have run out of steam, out of things to say.

This is not the end... yet. But after a six year run, it does look like I've reached the end of this particular journey.

Thanks you all who've stopped by to read and comment. It has been fun and more then a little informative. Thank you all for the exchanges.

Hopefully until later.

15 opmerkingen:

Durotrigan zei

Enjoy your rest! We will all await your return when you are feeling refreshed and inspired.

Peta Nilbo zei

May I echo Durotrigan?  I value your blogs and look forward to your return.

WitteringsfromWitney zei

What Durotrigan and Peta Nilbo said! Mind you, in the words of Arnie, you'll be back! 

You'd better be!

Gawain Towler zei

Curses, 'tinterweb (NL Division) glows a little less brightly. Hope that the real life stuff is fun

Sam Schulman zei

Don't kick against the pricks for a while - then start again! Thank you for all you've done.

waakvlam zei

HEEL VEEL dank voor alle informatie en inzicht die ik meerdere malen heb doorgestuurd. Ze hebben de hoop brandend gehouden.

DP111 zei

Blogging is like running a one man paper. Burn out is common. "Reflecting light" is also taking a sabbatical.  So I hope you enjoy your sabbatical.

I did advise Fjordman to take a break, which he did, as he was once posting at breakneck speeds. 


DP111 zei

Good luck KV.

Klein Verzet zei

 Duro and Peta, thanks. I'll certainly try

Klein Verzet zei

 Hi Dave. That all depends on whether I'll have a little more time and energy in a few. I intend to, but I just don't know at the moment.

Klein Verzet zei

Some of it isn't so much. Some if it (like raising the new-born heir to the KV estate) most definitely is. Thanks for the sentiment.

Klein Verzet zei

 Thanks Sam. Whatever else, I'll be around.

Klein Verzet zei

 Thanks man. I am looking forward to a spell of just consuming the news, of taking it a little slower. But should the EUnion finally and mortally break, I'll be the first with screaming headlines.

Klein Verzet zei

Dank je. Ik hoop dat ik binnen nu en vrij binnenkort weer wat materiaal op het vuur kan gooien.

DP111 zei

KV - just to get you to relax

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